A complex mineral feed additive based on Bentonite with a high content of active silicon, macro-, micro- and ultra-microelements
Agri Dives
"Bentonite-K FISH" Powder
Due to a sharp increase in the immunity of sea and river fish, the survival rate of fish increases by about 20%, the average weight by about 12.5%, the total fish productivity by about 35%, the amino acid and fat composition of meat has changed for the better, the content of protein and fat has increased, as a result of which improved the taste of the fish.

The consumption rate of «Bentonite-K FISH» for river and sea fish for prevention and saturation with microelements is 1.0-1.5% of the feed weight.
"Bentonite-K CATTLE" dry feed additive
When added to feed for sheep and goats, it provides a high, up to 100%, safety of young animals due to a sharp increase in immunity, an increase in weight gain in all phases of growth. increase in wool shearing and a significant increase in wool quality, fineness, length and strength of the fiber. The organoleptic characteristics of meat are significantly improved.

Consumption rate of "Bentonite-K CATTLE" for small cattle, pigs is 0.5-2.0% by weight of feed.

The consumption rate of "Bentonite-K CATTLE" can be adjusted depending on the age or when treating cattle.
"Bentonite-K BEES" Powder
Provides complete mineral nutrition of bees, which significantly enhances their immunity, vitality, survival, productivity and, as a result, the quantity and quality of bee products. The survival rate of bees with the use of the feed additive "Bentonite-K BEES" is more than 90%.

For winter-spring feeding 0.5-1.0% "Bentonite-K BEES" by weight of feed. In the active period - adding "Bentonite-K BEES" to the water for drinking 10gr/L.