Silicon-humin oxidizer of alkaline soils
Complex silicon-humic macronutrient prolonged action
Agri Dives
to solve problems of low nutrient content and moisture content of alkaline soil, absorption of phosphorus, iron, magnesium and zinc, prevention of chlorosis.
Restoration of fertility of alkaline soil due to its oxidation, stimulation of development of a useful microbiota, improvement of its structure, increase of moisture capacity, buffering, by binding of alkali metals by polysilicic and humic acids, exchange reactions with calcium sulfate. The use of silicon fertilizers is critical in terms of restoring the natural balance of nutrients in the soil-plant system, reducing the rate of degradation processes and obtaining stable yields of high quality.

A unique combination of properties of complex mineral fertilizers with a set of essential micro- and ultra micro elements, active silicon, humic and fulvic acids, sulfur, iron, magnesium, vanadium, zinc, copper, cobalt, manganese, selenium, lanthanum, neodymium. Fertilizer - anti-stress with a stimulating effect, which contains a complete complex of 18 L-amino acids of plant origin. Extraction of biologically active substances from the humus of chicken manure with a high content of organic nitrogen.

The presence of ammonium humate fertilizer, gradual binding of alkali metals (K, Ca, Na, Mg) in the soil with polysilicon, humic and fulvic acids provides continuous pH reduction with simultaneous synthesis of humates - powerful stimulants of plant growth and microbiota development, improving , calcium, magnesium for several years. Triple prolongation of humates for the entire growing season with a single application of granules in the soil for plowing (digging) due to:

  1. Lower solubility of humates of iron, magnesium, calcium, vanadium, zinc, copper, cobalt, manganese, compared with potassium and sodium humates;
  2. The action of fine contact sorbent montmorillonite;
  3. The action of a specially designed depot of liquid fertilizers with a moisture content of up to 200%.
High content of active silicon, amino acids and trace elements provides:

  • increasing the yield of all crops;
  • reducing soil pH;
  • significant improvement of the assimilation of necessary chemical elements, first of all nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium, the costs of which can be reduced by 30-50% without reducing the yield;
  • significant reduction or complete abandonment of plant protection products, due to a sharp increase in their natural immunity, the plant itself produces a sufficient number of fungicides and antibiotics for its protection;
  • the need for water is reduced by 30-40% without any harm to plants;
  • a significant increase in root mass by 20-50% or more.
  • increasing the resistance of plants to drought and frost, heat stroke, adaptation of plants to climate change;
  • improving the taste of products and increasing their shelf life.

The complex of amino acids in the product performs the function of regulation and balance nutrient content, creates an energy reserve for protein biosynthesis, has an energetic effect on growth factors, as well as increases the level of physiological protection of plants, increases the concentration of chlorophyll, which gives plants more intense color, is used to accelerate metabolic processes, stimulate biomass growth and enhance photosynthesis.
Instructions for use
Granular silicon-humic oxidizer of alkaline soils, enhanced by amino acids works exclusively in the soil, not on the surface. It is applied only before plowing, or digging, in a hole or row when sowing or planting plants covered with soil, preferably with sufficient watering.

Cultures and application rates:

  • In spring and autumn during digging or plowing. The application rate is 350-500 kg / ha, or 3.5-5 kg per hectare.
  • When planting potatoes directly into the hole. Application rate 20-25 g. - When planting vegetable and berry crops In the prepared bed 30-40 g \ m2.
  • Before planting grapes directly in the furrow 20-25 g \ m2 Then in the fall, after harvest and in the spring before the buds appear. Application rate 20-25 g \ m2 with digging.
  • Trees and shrubs - when planting - 100-150 g at the bottom of the pit and 100-150 g mixed with the rest of the soil. Then in the spring 30-40 g \ m2 with digging.
  • Before planting flowers in spring and autumn 30-40 g \ m2 with digging.

Store in a dry, closed place, away from food, feed, medicine, out of reach of children and animals at temperatures down to -15 ° C.
The date of manufacture is indicated on the package.
Shelf life: 3 years.

Recommended comprehensive technology of silicon-humin oxidizer of alkaline soils granules with our "Silicon Multihumate with microelements" (concentrate), which has a synergistic effect and fully reveals all the useful qualities of our products in action on both plant and soil microbiota and improves the soil itself. The need for mineral fertilizers, especially nitrogen, is significantly reduced without loss of efficiency. The complex includes 1 ton of granules + 3 liters of multihumate concentrate, per 3 hectares. The technology provides:

  1. Pre-sowing treatment of seeds at the rate of 1 liter of concentrate per 1 ton of seeds.
  2. Sowing seeds together with the application of granules at the rate of (on average) 330 kg of granular improver per 1 ha.
  3. Not less than double treatment of plants in different phases of vegetation according to the leaf at the rate of 330 g of concentrate per 1 ha.